Forever two wheel’s ladies

In our society lady bikers are constantly increasing, and the figures show this, one on ten buys Davidson, a trend which has increased in the past few years.

They evaluate every detail and scrupulously take care of customization.

On the streets of our cities no longer are there only men, muscles, beards and tattoos, but also women, lipstick, handbags and heels.

Women who enhance the shape and the colours of the steel Horse, lady bikers, ladies at the handlebars!

Beautiful and tough…


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DSC_3107   945047_10201382091382750_561257498_n


Special thanks to our friends: Paola C., Pascale G., Monia S., Ross A., Monica D., Karmen Di P.

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  1. Used motorcycle sale

    Really ratio of ladies riders increases day by day in the USA, And also in the motorcycle purchasing mainly in the H-D cruiser.


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