Harley Davidson: 110 years of legendary motorbikes, thousands of accessories and items of clothing dedicated to them, but nobody had thought about the grip of the starter key.

That is what lights up your passion for your harley davidson. that is what starts up the rumble and your joyride.
So here is the idea born from harley davidson addicts just like you: the personalized gastyk cover, a name composed from the initials, give a style to your keys, which is our motto.
With a studied design, we have optmized the functionality of this particular and indispensable object of the legendary harley davidson: a cover in different shapes and colours which you can attach to your key with a simple do it yourself assembly system. many personalized ideas created for you by our designers, completely created and produced in italy.

How does gastyk work?

It’s hard to explain to someone else what your harley davidson means to you isn’t it? instead this is very easy to explain to you: the covers are made up of separate parts with a snap fit and do it yourself assembly, only with your hands.

everything in 3 simple steps, as you can see in our tutorial for Biggy and Sporty.

The gastyk covers will substitute the standard and unattractive covers of the original starter keys for all harley davidson and buell models, giving them practicality but above all style: your personal cover, your interpretation of the original piece.

You can personalize them in different shapes, colours and material, for which we have protected ourselves by depositing the license in many countries.

Among the various models available in our collection, we have chosen for the first production the cover in pbt (polibutilenetereftalato), a crystal clear tecnopolimero, resistant to heat, atmospheric agents and to most chemical agents.

The production of many other models is foreseen, also these will have the advantage of do it yourself assembly, covers with a clip key, with led, with transponder, and the even more precious metal covers.

Where can you buy gastyk?

Here: only on this site you can choose and buy exclusively your favourite gastyk cover with a couple of simple clics.

We advise you to visit our site frequently: like you we love creativity and originality, so we will continuously launch new gastky covers with new personalization. there will also be other accessories in the style and spirit of bikers.