A new style for keyrings

According to some, Macramé, which is of Arab origin, derives from the fusion of the words mahrana/fringe, copper/knot, which in fact are the significance and characteristic of this work which is a true art form, that of entwining and knotting a series of threads.

It has very antique origins and over the years it has been enriched and complicated according to the capability and fantasy of its creators, remaining however faithful to the basic design.

Macramé is an art which can not be industrialized, you do not need needles, nor tools or crochet hooks, all you need is hands and a lot of patience, because each keyring requires many hours of work.

A community of people of a hippy culture creates the coil design of DNA exclusively for Gastyk.

Their creation is casual so you will receive at home only the colour you chose but not the composition of the beads inserted on them.

With the exclusive Macramé keyring we wanted to enhance even further our personalized covers, proposing to our bikers, and not only, a sought after alternative and style.

foto-dna-1  foto-dna-2  foto-dna-3

Our Macramé are like our Harley Davidson, never one the same as another.



Special thanks to: Ernesto Doctor Harley, Alberto B., Bruno and Genny O. all H-D Bikers!

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  1. Paul Carpenter

    Received my Macrame’ keyring and two big covers. To say I was surprised at how well these products are is an understatement. What a beautiful product. Well made and the attention to detail is incredible. Thanks to you.

    • gastyk

      Hi Paul,
      we’re glad you liked our products, we try our best to make them unique!
      We hope you’ll always drive your Harley Davidson with our products and let your friends know and appreciate them.
      Many thanks and ride on.

      Gastyk Covers – Ceo


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